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María Nieves Lorenzo Crespo

María Nieves Lorenzo Crespo

English teacher

48 years old
Driver's License
Madrid (28053) España
Unemployed Available
Passionate about education and the process involved in learning foreign languages, I want to use my knowledge to help pupils achieve their goals and improve their command through enjoyable activities.
English Second Language nlcr07.wordpress.com
Get the most out of your summer spare time.
19 Jul. 2018
Summer may be the best time to boost your command in a foreign language, not only days are longer but also most of us enjoy our holidays. You can, therefore, engage in reading and listening to books written in English. With this in mind, I suggest you entering English e-reader where you can find a great […]
Learn English by podcast
10 Jun. 2013
Learn English by podcast A great tool to improve your listening skills, use podcasts to get used to different English accents, sounds and intonation.
Integrate blogs in English
10 Jun. 2013
How to use blogs in our daily English lessons